Blue-sky to Reality

Need help in determining what will meet your needs?  

AMP Optics is here to bring your 'Blue-Sky' concepts to reality

  • Advanced optical design using CODE V™, Zemax™ and FRED™
  • Tolerance analysis using Zemax™, MATLAB™ and MATHCAD™
  • Stray light analysis using FRED™, SolidWorks™ and SpaceClaim™
  • STOP analysis using CODE V™, Zemax™, FRED™ and MATLAB™
  • Polarization Analysis Using CODE V™, Zemax™,  FRED™ and MATLAB™
  • Coherent propagation using CODE V™, Zemax™ and FRED™
  • Specialized knowledge in Infrared materials
  • ISO 10110 drawings creation and review
  • Early consultations with optical coatings suppliers and optical manufacturers to ensure that the optical system is manufacturable with ease
  • Optomechanical and mechanical design using SolidWorks™ and SpaceClaim™

Experience and Applications

  • Optical system concept development
  • Optical system baffle design
  • Camera system integration
  • Testing and metrology expertise
  • Optical system and component level validation
  • Hyperspectral system design
  • Space based and harsh environment optical system design
  • Supplier management
  • Deep supplier knowledge
  • Strong working relationships with prominent optics suppliers

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