Blue-sky to Reality

AMP Optics, LLC was founded in 2010 to expedite conception, development and production of complex optical systems. AMP Optics specializes in system development through efficient optical design and analysis to move optical systems from “Blue-Sky” to reality. With experience at the leading edge of optical technology, AMP created solutions in free-space communication, medical, aerospace, defense, lithography, imaging, hyperspectral, polarimetric and other areas.

AMP Optics helps customers on projects from simple optical design and analysis services to complete project management, supply chain setup and system integration. AMP utilizes in-house expertise and coordinates sourcing of external expertise from our extensive network of partners to provide your project the best solution.

With expertise in all areas of optical system development, (design, tolerance analysis, STOP analysis, testing, alignment, etc.), strong relationships/multi-layered knowledge of optical coating and manufacturing suppliers, AMP Optics optimizes customer solutions for performance, price and schedule.